The Hustle

by Lola Parks

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Boho chic soul folk carried by dangerous lyrics, hypnotic grooves and a seductive voice.

Why 'The Hustle'?
We hustle for money, time, self-worth. Sometimes we are hustled by friends, family, colleagues, bosses. Yes, we are hustled by and as a society. Our self-worth is wrapped up in our survival, which depends on making money. The rat race is dehumanizing and isolating, it’s lonely at the top. But society moving away from basing success on material gain alone. Success is now increasingly defined by you and me and we are increasingly aware and empowered. Ultimately, the biggest hustle of all is the one we trick ourselves with. That is to say: low self-worth and self-limiting beliefs. We hustle ourselves out of more, better, going for what we truly want. We don’t ask for more. Not believing we are enough is the most dangerous hustle. I want to believe we are upon a time where we can stand up for ourselves and others, claim self-respect and act respectfully towards outwards. It’s time to live and lead good lives. Lose what needs to be lost and live a life you love and life in your own way.


released November 4, 2017

Sandy Powlik - songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar
Adam Dobres - electric guitar
Chris Van Sickle - piano, synth
Niko Friesen - drums, percussion
Cory Curtis - bass
Roy Vizer - cajon, percussion (When I'm With You)
Daniel Tones - marimba (All This Time)


all rights reserved



Lola Parks Victoria, British Columbia

Female Songwriter of the Year (VIMA 2012), LOLA PARKS is smooth, sultry, clever & fun! She has performed her soul-folk-jazz fusion around the world, combining a masterful command of the language with honest, evocative expression. "The most mature, original, soulful & honest act.[Lola’s] dangerous writing and immaculate vocal stylings inspire me to get up tomorrow.” Dare to be dazzled! ... more

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Track Name: All This Time
I was taught to not ask any questions
Taught with flight or freeze
Taught that love wasn't right or enough
Unless it brought you to your knees

I want to hear what you have to say
Sorry I spoke out of turn
I want to hear what you have to say
I was bad but now I've learned

All this time - pushing love away like it was nothing
All this time - pushing love away, pushing it away

I can do no wrong
Then I can do no right
You say you don't want to
But it's you who starts the fight
Track Name: Do Me Right
I've been the other woman
For the man I love
Didn't start out this way
But when push came to shove
I was weak
Weak and confused
When I finally believed he loved
It turned to being used

Didn't mean for this to happen
How could I want it this way
Where he'll lie and cheat and play it down
But stay
Oh, he's a heartbreaker
Sexy and strong
All the man you need
While he's stringing you along
Oh oh oh

Don't miss him in the morning
Don't miss him at night
Don't miss him in the afternoon
When he'd tell me everything was alright
It's not hell to let him go
I don't want to hold him tight
Didn't have to do me wrong
Gotta do me right
Track Name: Tell You Why (cuida tus pasos)
Better watch your boundaries, girl
Can't just cross your heart and hope to die
Better watch your step there, boy
Can't just cross the line, you know why

Oh you read too much
Into things and then you're stuck
With the world at large
The world at heart, it's all too much

And the nights are long
Sitting at home
And your needs are strong
And you're alone

Nevermind what you thought she said
Forget the voices in your head
What you thought was right was left
When you do you worst, it's your best
It ain't no crime

You've got the right to rise
But you pick up right where you left off
And it's round two tonight
Will you fall and will she fight

And the nights are long...
Track Name: Here We Go
Here we go
Once again
Take it slow
Timing is everything

Did I say, it's getting late
Maybe I should go
Hold me close, don't let go
For a minute or two
Never mind what the time
I should go before we make a mistake
that I want to make
Before we make a mistake
That you want to make
Track Name: Once In A While
Once in a while
We get together
We get to thinking
We get to talking late

Once in a while
We get together
We get to talking
We get to coffee late

But you feel pressure
You can't keep this up, you said
But I didn't ask you to
Do anything

Once in a while
We get together
We get to feeling
We take off our clothes

But you feel pressure
You can't keep this up, you said
But I didn't ask you to
Be anything

Do you know these walls?
Do you know what's best?
Do you know these falls?
Do you know the rest?

Once in a while
We get together
We get to thinking
We take off our clothes again

But you feel pressure
You can't keep this up, you said
But I didn't ask you to
You're preaching to the choir, boy
Put out another fire, boy
This is as involved as I can be
This is as far as I can see
I am fine
With the way things are

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